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Rocking on a Monday!

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Sit back and rock out with your show host Mechelle!

After escaping a long sentence from a Turkish Woman’s Prison, Mechelle found her self busking across Europe supporting herself in many odd jobs: a knife thrower in Croatia, a bear wrestler in Germany, and an innkeeper in Belgium before landing a gig as the underground voice of the Free Welsh Resistance movement. As one of the five members of the FWR, she was able to successfully rally the 5 members to strike a blow to their British overlords by successfully boycotting the local creamery. After her successes in Europe she headed to the United Stated where she became a roadie for the notorious heavy metal band Lock Jaw. Today, when Mechelle isn’t busy DJing on FUNN Radio, she enjoys pulling the wings from off of flies and make colorful collages that she sells to raise money to provide Wounded Flamingoes with artificial legs.

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