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Please Note: As of January 1st 2019 FUNN Radio will no longer accept music without The ISRC Codes available for each song submitted. For those who are not familiar with some of the Laws that stations have to follow. DMCA (Digital Music Copyright Act). All music that is aired must be tagged a certain way for the Royalty Agencies to make the proper payouts to each party involved in a song. This does not only include the artist performing, the songwriter, publisher, and even labels might be holding an interest in the song. Without the proper embedding of the tags on each song, all parties will lose their FAIRSHARE in the royalties these agencies pay. Any questions, please send me a message and I will send you a link to a free editor so you can embed what needs to be embedded. Let’s make 2019 a good year for all the artists who are aired on FUNN Radio.

**PLEASE NOTE** – Please email your submissions to us at funnindieradio@gmail.com with your name, email address, label or individual, artist name and song. the IRSC code and if the file is tagged properly

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